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Like to read? Like free stuff? Then I have just the thing to make you smile! You can read the first chapters of each of my books below!

Presence: AwakeningPresence: Awakening
Mina Jewel swears the boogeyman slaughtered her abusive stepfather. But as far as the quiet town of Port Orchard, Washington is concerned, Mina is a cold-blooded killer and Cadric Jaden had been a saint. After enduring nine years of psychiatric care and whispers of her guilt, Mina is hell-bent on clearing her name, exposing Cadric for the sadistic pedophile he really was, and uncovering the true identity of the strange being who saved her life.

Through a whirlwind of near-death experiences and sanity-shattering revelations, Mina discovers that Washington is a hotbed of supernatural activity, Cadricís sinister plan didnít die with him, and that she could hold the key to ending the suffering of millions. . . But first she has to survive.
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Presence: Wolf MoonPresence: Wolf Moon
A rogue werewolf threatens the safety of Port Orchard, Washington, but all Mina Jewel can think about is the sudden flood of unrelated missing children cases. Between her private eye gig, a rash of unexplained and debilitating health issues, and her duties to Presence--an underground society of psychic investigators and practitioners--Mina barely has time to deal with her screwed-up private life.

Time is running out for the little ones, and Mina knows it. Frustrated with her lack of leads, Mina becomes careless, endangering Presence and thrusting herself into a war between Lycans she doesn't trust and the people who fear, hate, and hunt them. Now Mina must decide who to side with, knowing if she chooses wrong, the missing children won't be the only ones to lose.
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Presence: Smoke and FirePresence: Smoke and Fire
When the Port Orchard police come to Mina Jewel for help, she knows it should be an interesting case. But not even the promise of a preternatural mystery can keep her interest very long with all the other crap on her plate. A sudden rush of missing teens and no clues to track them with, an enemy from her past resurfacing without warning, and a life-shattering revelation bring Mina face to face with one of her worst fears. And all this before she's even recovered from losing her baby or truly accepting her Lycanthropy.

But there is no time for Mina to pick up the pieces of her broken life when innocent lives are at stake. How far will Mina push herself for the greater good. . . and at what cost?
(Read the first chapters--Click Here)
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Presence: Into the Dark coming in 2012!


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